Fitness and Self-Defense
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WARRIOR SPIRIT FITNESS is not only a low impact fitness program for real warriors and leaders--it's also a holistic performance development program for anyone. Burn more calories than other workouts while building self-defense skills, memory, focus, coordination, balance, dexterity, speed, power, agility, timing, adaptability, willpower, and more. In addition, gain an intuitive understanding of tactics and strategy that can be applied to any large or small scale endeavor.


Our program is derived from traditional martial arts training practices, but it's far from traditional--it has been adapted to fit the needs of people who are living a fast-paced modern world. It's a workout program that's perfect for anyone who wants to SAVE TIMEBURN MORE CALORIES and LEARN A BONAFIDE SELF-DEFENSE ART that's practiced by a highly selected few of our nations most elite warriors. No gym equipment is required and it can be done anywhere--such as in a park, on the beach, in a parking garage, or on a beautiful scenic mountaintop.

Our unique training is designed to CHALLENGE YOUR WILL, but more importantly it's designed to BUILD YOU UP WITHOUT INJURY! Our founders are former Special Forces soldiers, and this training is the foundation of success in everything we do.  BECOME TOUGHERSTRONGERFASTERSMARTERMORE FOCUSED, MORE HIGHLY SKILLED, and MORE ADAPTABLE.