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Spartan Fitness Program


The spartan tradition...

The Spartan Fitness Program builds off the Foundations stick fighting course and goes on to incorporate additional Spartan warrior skills and historical weapons. In their "Agoge" training program, the Spartans emphasized endurance, mental toughness and the ability to move and fight on any terrain. Our modernized Spartan fitness program is the most extreme of the Warrior Spirit Fitness programs and includes everything from all-terrain running and obstacle negotiation to wilderness survival and extended endurance training. Several key factors make the Spartan program different from the other warrior traditions...

CIRCUIT TRAINING: The majority of Spartan routines are circuits, incorporating a wide variety of exercises including running, obstacles, climbing, lifting, plyometrics and martial arts.

TEAM EVENTS: Just as the Spartan Phalanx depended on teamwork to achieve victory, your Spartan fitness program will include team events and challenges.

ONLINE COMPETITION: Every circuit you perform will be a competition among all members of the Spartan tradition. Post a video of your winning time on Facebook to become the next record holder and win free prizes from "J" your instructor. 

To enroll in the Spartan Course, first complete the "Foundations Course."