Fitness and Self-Defense

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WELCOME TO warrior spirit...

Developed by veterans of the world's most elite special forces units, Olympic athletes and professional sports trainers, Warrior Spirit harnesses the ancient wisdom of the world's warrior traditions to bring you the most effective and versatile fitness program in history. The Warrior Spirit program will develop your endurance, speed, strength, flexibility, balance and coordination while simultaneously teaching you to defend yourself. If you already practice a martial art, this program will help you become even better at it.

All training begins with the "Foundations Program" of stick fighting movements. The stick is the oldest and most basic weapon, from which all other weapons have evolved. Stick training will teach you how to move and re-wire your brain for the warrior arts. Once you have mastered the stick you can progress on to learn more specialized techniques and the history associated with your chosen historical warrior traditions such as Samurai, Spartan, Viking, or Ninpo.  More historical traditions will be added in the future.  Or, if you are more interested in modern combat and self-defense, sign up for our modern tactical fitness course.